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Fin’s has offered sustainable seafood options plus local meat in the greater Edmonton area for over 25 years. I have had the pleasure of working with their team for a number of years, assisting with their social media, print and digital designs, and photography. When COVID-19 hit, they quickly realized the need to pivot to offer home delivery through an easy to use e-commerce platform. Fin’s at Home went from idea to brand launch in a matter of weeks, with a new logo concept developed alongside print and digital advertisements to spread the message about the affordable (and luxurious) meat and seafood packages Fin’s was offering, delivered straight to clients doorsteps.


Designed to coordinate with their existing brand, while distinctly showcasing the new home delivery options, the Fin’s at Home logo has three versions, including a full version, a smaller 1/2 size, and an option that can be used as an icon where space is reduced.

Knowing the need for a quick launch date and a simple to use platform that their staff could master quickly, we developed a Shopify store for their new sub-brand, Fin’s at Home. Quick start guides were developed to introduce their staff to the basics of the platform, and ongoing support to keep the store up to date, functioning well and update monthly features was provided. The Fin’s team has quickly learned the basics and is successfully managing hundred of orders per month, while providing a new and much needed service for their home clients. 

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