Cathryn Sprague is a multi-disciplinary creator. Designer, photographer, entrepreneur, writer, green thumb…


Designer / Creative Director


Relish Cookbooks Co.





Reclaim Urban Farm Inc.


Public Speaker







Owner of a firm specializing in creative brand strategy, e-commerce and digital marketing.


Principal photographer and creative director of Relish Cookbooks Co. – helping families celebrate their rich and diverse food cultures, preserving treasured recipes and stories for generations to come.

Lead photographer for the award winning cookbook tawâw: Progressive Indigenous Cuisine. Cathryn has worked with clients including the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, Sysco Canada, and Jennifer Jordan Interior Design. Her work has been featured in numerous publications including West Jet Magazine.

Co-founder of Reclaim Urban Farm Inc., a multi site, bike powered urban farm the grows vegetables and microgreens year round in the heart of Edmonton. Reclaim has been featured in numerous publications and magazines. A social enterprise, Reclaim provides food for sale and donation as well as agricultural education.

Cathryn is a University of Alberta Alumi Innovation award recipient and nominee for Western Canada Foodies of the Year. In 2017, Cathryn sold her stake the farm to her co-founder, who moved the farm to rural Alberta.

Cathryn has been an invited speaker at numerous conferences and events, including Food Secure Canada, Opportunities North, and Eat Alberta.

Cathryns work appears in Conversations in Food Studies: Transgressing Boundaries Through Critical Inquires 2016. She also writes copy for e-commerce and digital marketing.


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