Photo notes: Fin’s.

Content Creation • Product Photography • Lifestyle Photography

I’ve done a number of photoshoots for Fin’s over the years – showcasing their retail store, their talented staff prepping products for the case, and some styled shots of prepared items. 

From seasonal shoots highlighting their holiday specials or limited time features, to shots of their every day staples – Fin’s always showcases some beautiful products that makes my job as a photographer easy. From a styling point of view, we have gone through a few different themes for their social media content – from light and bright with beautiful natural light, to some moodier seasonal shots for their holiday campaigns. 

Working with them directly on photoshoots has made my job preparing marketing materials for their social media, ad campaigns and e-commerce store a breeze – I love being able to take a project from beginning to end, capturing the perfect image to fit the overall design.