Photo notes: SC murals & Gallery.

Print Murals • Gallery • Collaboration with Jennifer Jordan Interior Design

Chef Shane Chartrand’s concept restaurant SC, was set to open inside the River Cree Resort and Casino. Featuring a bold design with strong black walls, shiny highlights and custom icons, the space was designed by talented local Edmonton designer Jennifer Jordan. I had the pleasure of working with Chef Chartrand to bring Jennifers vision to life, with floor to ceiling black and white murals featuring Shane working his magic, alongside portraits of the ingredients and process behind the chef driven concept. 

As always, working with Chef Shane was a pleasure – lots of laughs to be had, some great food and photos, plus a few out-takes doing our spin on salt bae. We had lots of great produce to work with, some beautiful cuts of protein, plus some shiny knives and other tools. Shane worked his magic while I snapped away, using a simple one light setup (reflector + grid & scrim), positioned to provide a sharp contrast and moody highlights, to showcase the interesting textures of the food and Shane’s stunning tattoos in black and white.